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The girl who cant get enough sex blog. What women don’t understand about men (but should)

The girl who cant get enough sex blog Oh, and in lieu you're dreaming why your man is tectonic. Akin one time with this man, she decreasing to a emancipated major and preyed her to show away from him. As May Matthews protests, if your loyal jeans don't fit, benefit get new loves.

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Men have articulated time and time again that it's the woman who can pull off jeans and a T-shirt with flat shoes and silky natural hair that makes them look twice … Hairless isn't always the way to go Many times I've heard men say they don't really care if a woman forgets to shave her legs or wax her bush, or if she isn't sporting a spray tan. Don't mess with it!

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And in case you think I'm lying … you can ask them yourselves. Why they perve on other women so discernibly … even if they're sitting opposite the hottest woman in the room. But here's the truth: Why they'll commit to some women and not others.

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And of course there are rules when it comes to a woman looking after herself. None of the blokes really cared about how they looked nor whether they sported a crop of sea hair or not.

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