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Susan held a full cup of hot coffee in both hands, then moved to Jasons cage and sat it right in front of him so he could smell it. What does it mean to you and what do you hope to accomplish? There was a section for labels, and Atlantic Records was there. Think of me as a drummer, trying to reach one dude at a time.

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She is an engineer and producer at Atlantic Records and also the founder of Gender Amplified, a nonprofit organization celebrating women engineers and producers. She is a scholar, mentor, and student of the music industry. Tom was relaxed in his easy chair watching porn on TV

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I was thinking about how, like, women started punk rock, and this idea that we are more punk than any man could be because we have to survive in this world and work twice as hard to be recognized and taken seriously. I was coming back from [Cameroon], and all I wanted to do was make music.

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