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It is unclear whether or not all employees are offered a health care package, though full-time employee job offerings do come with a benefits package. The Hobby Lobby in Fort Collins is legitimately across the street from a Michaels, two blocks from Jo-Ann and down the road from a handful of local indie craft spots. Lufkin Katy Are these a surprise? Could it be like people completely overwhelming the order numbers here?


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How many others have made other similar purchases? Team work is great. I know it seems surprising, but there are arts and crafts stores out there that value their employees! We also have some honorable mention cities as well.

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Artist and Craftsman Supply Artist and Craftsman Supply is filled with really nice people that can help you out in extremely random locations throughout America, and Riese recommends them highly. What sex crazed criteria did we use?


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I like to believe that it is the workers that make my store such a great place to work. How many others have made other similar purchases? Employee reviews on Indeed. Out of a total of one employee review on Indeed.


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