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Sex stuff to do to your girlfriend. The Sexual Bucket List: 50 Things To Do Sexually Before You Die

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For more drama and passion, you can try blindfolding your partner. Again, the desire you convey towards her here can be infectious.

First Kiss

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So take a break from your routine sex and try a quality lubricant that provides you immense pleasure, increases the sensitivity, as well as protect the condoms from splitting. Many dare I say most? Indulge in Foreplay A good foreplay is all you need to turn on your partner or to get back the excitement and romance in your sex life. So make some love seriously, by making a small sweet gestures like kissing on her necks, playing gently with her hair, enjoy some cuddling.

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Again, the desire you convey towards her here can be infectious. What increases is expectations.

6. Masturbate

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