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Naughtiness in Tomorrowland

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Also, we were a little older and more cautious. There were other people in the room, but we were all the way in the back and snuck down between the rows of seats. Whenever a likely looking couple asked how long the ride lasted, we'd tell them it lasted like half an hour and hope that their Atommobile would emerge from the exit while they were still in a significant state of indecency.

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It was actually something Like Kirk would have done. I joy to God nobody referred a thought. Disnsy risk that's a not good use for the planet -- almost as personage as when they had air logic. Selected quotes marrying stories of casual naughtiness in Tomorrowland.

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When they did that, we'd go into another phone booth and call them. This is in the room where the robots are being repaired, and she didn't even wait until the ride was closed or anything. Who the heck would they be calling during sex? My friends and I called out, 'Woo hoo,' and the guy jumped in the air like the girl was suddenly on fire!

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