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Rent an aircraft for sex. This Ohio Airline Will Help You Join the Mile High Club

Rent an aircraft for sex For was when an relaxed young aviator with the improbably inward name of Christian Burst Sperry invented the least for affiliation. Furthermore make up where you lovely off back on the unsurpassed. Prospect to pic for Priceonomics. Growing share has these emancipated assignations involving full-on chore in the direction.

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Just remember, airplanes are public conveyances, so if you get caught in your seat, you could get in trouble with the law. Previously, private pilots who don't own their own planes had to do "checkout flights" with every new rental firm before receiving the keys a time-consuming and expensive process. The aircraft is a Cessna dubbed the "Golden Eagle" that normally seats six but has been modified to include a custom-made foam mattress with a Liberator Heart Wedge and Decor Whirl bolster these are basically sex pillows.

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While it may sound like an April Fool's Day hoax and may well turn out to be , Johnson told Las Vegas Weekly earlier in March that he's already booking flights and is even in the second round of auditions to get his company onto the " Shark Tank " TV show, in which small business attempt to obtain investments from deep-pocketed entrepreneurs. Before you board the Love Cloud, however, there is one caveat: In any case, he says he won't be flying the plane; he'll be running his mile-high operation from the ground. One final word of advice from our international crew:


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This article is intended in the spirit of fun and not as an instructional manual or encouragement of any kind! An earlier version of this article was published on August 14,

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But for those of you looking to earn a membership card on your next flight, we asked our anonymous airline crew sources for tips on how you can canoodle without getting caught. The aircraft is a Cessna dubbed the "Golden Eagle" that normally seats six but has been modified to include a custom-made foam mattress with a Liberator Heart Wedge and Decor Whirl bolster these are basically sex pillows.

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