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Unpublished data based on the national total number of abortions from the Guttmacher Abortion Provider Surveys; Guttmacher estimates for nonsurvey years , , , , , , , , , , ; and the adjusted age, race and ethnicity distribution of abortions from the CDC. A parallel methodology was used to obtain comparable estimates of abortions by race and ethnicity over time.

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Finally, the revised estimates in this report differ from those previously published by the Guttmacher Institute. These conditions are serious but manageable. To ensure that our estimates do not reflect the year-to-year fluctuations in which states report to the CDC or in the quality or completeness of data reported rather than true changes in the distributions of the characteristics of women obtaining abortions, we use a methodology developed several decades ago by Guttmacher Institute research staff.

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Put simply, the more pregnancies terminated by abortion, the less opportunity for a miscarriage to occur and the lower the overall incidence. This is true because they are still growing and have more nutritional needs, and they often wait longer than they should to get the prenatal care they need. For years —, the CDC publications combined black and other races in these tables.

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When, women of examination weight should gain about 25—35 deals during pregnancy. Miss sources Stiff.

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