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Pennsylvania's ARD Program Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition allows many first-time offenders in PA to avoid jail and shorten the suspension but the time limits and technical requirements for ARD make it difficult for unrepresented people to gain admission into the program. Russell Pugh should be consulted. Many people consider motor-vehicle violations and traffic citations minor offenses, but there are pitfalls that can trap those uneducated in criminal law.

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Pennsylvania has enacted Megan's Law, a statute that requires sex offenders to register with the State Police when they move or take a new job and, in some cases, to require their neighbors and co-workers to be notified of their prior conviction for a sex offense. The Governor of Pennsylvania is empowered to release an offender from the consequences of a conviction, in effect "erasing" the conviction from the offender's record. Sex offenses in Pennsylvania are particularly difficult violations for the accused. I get this question a lot.

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