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This sense of embarrassment and shame about these fantasies is why so many men keep their pornographic interests secret, as one patient reported to me. However, the same man wishes his wife to act like a "whore" in the bedroom, performing all the wished-for sexual acts that excite and please him.

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In my opinion, pornography can be categorized as a fetish in that images are being viewed that are not alive or do not involve interacting with an entire human being. If the male ejaculates before he enters the woman he feels less like a real man and if he ejaculates too soon after entering the woman and thus, deprives the woman of her orgasm, he feels like a failure. Why does this occur? Second, he has to be able to ejaculate.

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It is important that both men and women begin to understand and become sensitive to the delicate shame issues experienced by each with regard to their sexuality. For all of these reasons and more, many men retreat into the secret and private world of pornography and masturbation.

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Rather, the failure to orgasm is the result of deep and built in prohibitions. This redhead is going to melt your heart. It goes without saying that masturbation occurs in isolation, at least under these circumstances, and the wife or partner is not involved in this solo activity.

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