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So they turned the water off, dried each other lovingly, and stark naked this time, ran to his room where they jumped on his bed and "finished up," as Megan put it. The bedside lamp flickered on and off. An ambulance took him to the hospital, and his mother was called at home. It just so happened that she was teaching Megan her mother's hill country bread recipe at the time, and that the timing worked out the way it did.


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As is common now with this page we remind you that this account is of a sexually descriptive and disturbing nature and that those of a more conservative nature may wish to discontinue reading now. Had Dave been telling the truth?

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I told you it happened so fast that I lost control. Not that I begrudged Tyler at all, he was my life, and I just wanted him to live a little before he settled down. I contacted the hotel owner the following week and asked more about the story and they said that a pale, red-headed woman had been seen and either the husband or the wife staying there fled the room, but never both.

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I never believed till that night in ghosts but a spirit defiantly broke my marriage and I say to any honeymooners that you check the room you are staying in first. He just thought with his little head, like so many males before him. When the food was cooked, she set everything to warm, and waited.

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