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Ever have oral received sex. What is oral sex?

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The form of oral sex posing the greatest risk is mouth-to-penis oral sex. Our findings advance research on consequences of oral sex compared to vaginal sex by demonstrating that, at the within-person level, oral sex is associated with a lower likelihood of experiencing both positive and negative consequences, and that gender moderates this association. In summary, this study contributed to the literature on oral sex by demonstrating that the majority of college students have engaged in oral and vaginal sex at some point, but that the occurrence of these behaviors at the daily level is relatively rare.


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Journal of Applied Social Psychology. There were a number of gender differences in the relative consequences of oral compared to vaginal sex. See your doctor about testing if you become sexually active, change partners, or start a new relationship. Men are more at risk than women.

Is it common to have oral sex?

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In addition, many lesbian, gay, and certainly bisexual individuals have sexual experiences with both same- and other-sex partners Morgan, There were a number of gender differences in the relative consequences of oral compared to vaginal sex. Daily alcohol—sex behaviors and expectancies among college students.


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All forms of hepatitis are transmitted through direct contact with blood, semen, or vaginal secretions. The fluids can also get into inflamed cells on the lips, mouth, genitals or anus, the membrane of your eye, or the cells of your throat. Bulletin of the World Health Organization.

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