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Video about ending violence sex workers denver co:

Ending violence sex workers denver co. Denver International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

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DVI offers crisis intervention, victim advocacy, peer support, education and awareness, resources, self advocacy and other relevant services. DOVE works to empower victims by providing hour crisis intervention, information and referral, and advocacy.

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They provide a variety of services that build up the strengths of our Indian families and that help children thrive. DOVE is also committed to changing attitudes which foster and perpetuate violence through community education, outreach and interagency collaboration. Read More The Challenge Criminalized and underserved, sexually exploited adults who have been trafficked into the sex industry or trade sex on the street are often the subject of community scorn and stigma.

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Their mission is to help families and individuals be safe, secure and self-reliant through education, services and advocacy. Additional services include counseling, support groups and a hour crisis line. The community is calling, and we are answering.

Services designed for adults who have been sexually exploited

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The community is calling, and we are answering. The Victim Advocate works with victims and their families serving as their advocate as they navigate the judicial system, shelters and social service systems.

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