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Classroom discussing in reading sex teacher. Instructional Methods

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Additional Resources Instructional Methods Students engage when instructional methods emphasize active and experiential learning. Have students make a list of challenging lines, have a student read the lines to the class then have each student give a response. Have students identify the sexual health skills shown during the role play. Summarization could be listed as both during and after reading strategies.

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What factors affect reading comprehension? Discussion small group and whole class Begin by having students talk about the feelings they had during the role play.

Small Group

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The program contains strong messages of healthy relationships, violence prevention and control, which young people can relate to, regardless of their situation. Reading comprehension is also affected by the quality of the reading material. Define words, including slang and continue on using the correct terminology.

An inconsistent approach

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Remember that some students may feel threatened or self-conscious. Define the problem, situation and roles clearly. Model the skill with a scripted role play.

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