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It wasn't long until Looma's face and red tits were glazed white in Ben's thick cum. She had never felt so invaded, and yet she just wanted more of the alien inside her… "Ngh

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It was great earlier today when we we're battling one another in true tetramand courtship fashion but now Ben seems to ignore me. Looma sat up on the smashed ruins of Ben's bed till her back and shoulders were up against the back wall. The shaft of his tool would rest on my back and the head would hang over my shoulder until it was time to inhale it. That only made this harder for Looma.

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Ben seemed ready to protest but the way Looma was touching and kissing him made him feel so good. Not that fucking Ben like that would be at all in her character but I can only take so much liberty with personalty before it they get all weird. Ben tired to struggle at first but his efforts were useless against Looma's superhuman strength. Ben hadn't been sleeping well anyway.

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He then worked his reinvigorated cock into her pussy for a second time. Do not leave us host Lovely nummy feelings started to rise up in me. I played the recording of his last, frantic cries for help when I got lonely.

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